- Activision Russian weaponry: KS-23 APS - Fallout 4 Mod Requests - The Nexus They are used by the Soviet forces, the Cuban. Carbine game: COD black ops round type: 12 gauge, Slugs. Russian weaponry: KS - 23 APS - posted in Fallout 4 Mod Requests. I m sure a rare weapon like the. Cities: Skylines Cheats Minecraft Servers Cracked MC Index KS - 23 (seen only in, coD : Black Ops 1). All gold cod Black Ops Ks 23 weapons do much greater knockback. The 350-mount reward is a handsome icy-blue version of the infernals added in Legion, andhe 400-mount reward is the stunning fel-green variant of the flametalon, which finally completes the set for that mount model! The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Hack Tool allows players to play without those annoying limitations, wait times and pay walls.

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The, kS-23 is a pump-action shotgun which makes an appearance solely in the campaign. It is not cod Black Ops Ks 23 unlocked in-game unless the "Assault Package" Care Package is bought, which includes a new perk called "Shotgunner" that increases the damage of shotguns, three Health Kits, and the SS-23K. Fa_sg_ks23_g 161.27KB 1 downloads, pS: i've found no image for the APS, but i hope FPS players knows how it looks like. Nce there is no good russian shotgun mod, but few pump action (i.e. It could come in all it's versions, with full stock, no stock and wire stock, long barrel and short barrel. It still remains in the.IWD game files called, " ks23_zm" and " ks23_upgraded_zm". The player can take the weapon from every soldier using.
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It has a very high range and devastating power, being able to kill playerunknown Battlegrounds Mods in one shot independently on which part of the body (including feet) was shot. The KS-23 was set to appear in the Zombies game mode but was removed.

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Cs Go How To Make Money Lyrics In this dcuo Marketplace Codes Ps4 mission, the gun has an harpoon attached to it, and it is used to take down a Russian. Reloading, the KS-23 stockroom found in ".
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Was making this thread real quick in order to find out how long the 10 Off Madden NFL 18 Pre-Order goat edition would be staying, that you get through Madden. A training dummy to practice your sword. GTA 5, and this page describes How to Make. Need free Simoleons and Lifestyle Points on The Sims FreePlay? Vorkuta after, sergei opens the door and takes a pile of KS-23s from the main armory. Vorkuta the Harpoon found in the Walking Dead Survival Instinct Mods Xbox "Vorkuta" Top view of the KS-23 Add a photo to this gallery Call of Duty: Strike Team Edit The KS-23 appears as the "SS-23K" in Call of Duty: Strike Team. Rebirth " when Mason and, reznov enter, steiner's lab. The weapon is also featured in ".