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with you, because it does eat up quite a bit of battery. Use Long Queue Lines to Your Advantage. Could be because the app is loading slowly that day, or the ride hasnt updated their wait times since their last busy cyclebut either way it's sometimes worth checking out the ride line for yourself, just to be sure. And when you're just not sure, ask the cast member to confirm the wait time if something doesnt look right. Related: How to Save on a Trip to Disney World. What restaurants serve food that you and your kids will eat? So let's say you're stuck on a two-hour-long line, because your children would never forgive you if you left Disney World without riding Frozen Ever After. . What shows, fireworks, or other events are can't-miss for your family? During the fireworks and parades. But Veness notes that most guests will look for FastPass times starting with their first day, so youll have less competition if you look as far ahead as possible and then work your way backward. Know which rides to prioritize. Take Full Advantage of the MyDisneyExperience App. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Now I want to share it with you. Walt Disney World, holiday Hacks. Bonus: Its a respite from the mid-day heat. That's okayyou can still have a great vacation if you visit during high traffic times.
world Hacks
  1. But for really popular restaurants like Be Our Guest (which, Im sure, is the only restaurant your kids care about eating at this strategy could save you if you couldn't get a reservation before your trip. This is just scratching the surface of the hundreds of hacks that Veness has to offer. Two of the most heavily attended days at Magic Kingdom are the Fourth of July and New Years Eve, in part because of the spectacular fireworks shows that end each of those holidays in style, says Veness.
  2. If you've got kids, this strategy may be a harder sell, but if you're lucky enough to visit a particular park more than once, spend one day seeing the shows and one day skipping them in favor of the big rides. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Watch this: Mom Surprises Son With Trip To Disney. Another great time to hit popular rides like Frozen Ever After and Soarin? Star Wars: Galaxys Edge in Hollywood Studios (when it opens in August so book those first.
  3. Some of the best animal encounters I ever saw during my time there were in the pouring rain: baby elephants would cannon ball into the watering hole world Hacks and splash around, rhinos would roll around in the mud and chase. When In Doubt, Ask a Cast Member. (Unless somebody needs to make a bathroom run because, sadly, there is no queue in Walt Disney World that also includes a bathroom.). One of the best experiences of my life was the year I spent working at Walt Disney World. Its also the place where cast members bring lost children to wait safely for their parents.
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  5. Before I say more, note that this does not apply to every restaurant. Pick up or order her book to read them all and outsmart your fellow Disney-heads on your next visit. Dress your kid like a princess for less.


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World Hacks : 350 Park Secrets for Making the Most of Your Walt Disney. World, vacation (Hidden Magic) Susan Veness. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Maximize the magic of the happiest place on earth with these 350 tips on everything from improving your travel experience to getting the most out of each theme park to make your trip to Walt Disney. When the rains come, people stay away from the parksor rush to certain rides that offer a place to hide out from the deluge. The trick is to try schedule your passes downloadhackedgames Com Clash Royale as close together as you canbecause once you use all three, you can select more to use that day in any park. Heres how it works: people usually make as many reservations as they can before their trip so that they have options of places to eat, but as it gets closer to the reservation date, people cancel their reservations. If you cant get a FastPass for Frozen Ever After but dont want to wait in the always-long line, Veness suggests another way in if youre willing to get up early for a meal.